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What Our Customers Are Saying

I highly recommend The Budget Wanderer for anyone looking to explore Mexico City in a fun, informative, and affordable way. Their team is professional, friendly, and always willing to go the extra mile to make sure their customers have a memorable experience. I can’t wait to book another tour with them in the future! I already have my eye on their next Bogota tour next year.

Rachel Adams

Scottsdale, AZ

The Budget Wanderer’s luxury food tour in Mexico City, and it was an amazing experience. Despite the company’s budget-friendly reputation, they did not skimp on quality or luxury when it came to the food and restaurants we visited.

We went to some of the city’s most exclusive and upscale restaurants, where we sampled the best cuisine in CDMX. The VIP treatment throughout was incredible!

Brad Young

New York, NY

This Mexico City tour was one of the most enjoyable experiences that I’ve been on. The personal touch that The Budget Wanderer provided really made this tour special. Pete and Ray, who lived there for years, shared personal stories and insights about the city that made us feel like we were seeing it through the eyes of a local. Thanks to them for organizing a very unique experience. 

Tom Murphy

London, UK
Santiago GarciaMadrid, ES
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The Budget Wanderer's Buenos Aires food tour was one for the books. One of the highlights of the tour was exploring the hidden gem neighborhood, Colegiales. Joaquín, our guide, took us to some unique sites such as a wine shop and enjoyed some of Argentina's best wines. Learning about mate was also very interesting! We got to try different types of mate and learn about its cultural significance. It was fascinating to learn about the etiquette of drinking mate and how it's a social activity that brings people together. Loved the tour, and recommend it to anyone!

As someone who loves to explore new cities through their food, I was thrilled to go on a food tour in Bogotá with The Budget Wanderer. And let me tell you, it did not disappoint. Exploring Colombia’s capital, enjoying their famous food was very nice.

What set this tour apart from others was the unique twist that TBW provided. We explored some hidden gems in the city that we would have never discovered on our own. One of my favorites was a small family-owned restaurant that served amazing Colombian coffee and churros. We loved the beautiful Colombian hospitality! 🙂

Jenna Thomas

Dallas, TX

This food tour made my first visit to Colombia memorable. Ivan was so knowledgeable and has a deep love for his city and its culinary scene. His passion was contagious!

The tour started with a walking tour of the La Candalaria, where we got to see some of the city’s most famous landmarks. Ivan was a wealth of knowledge, sharing interesting facts and stories about the places we visited. But it was the food that stole the show. We stopped at several local eateries that were off the beaten path and sampled some of the best Colombian food I’ve ever tasted! Highly recommend this tour. 

Serena Rossi

Milan, IT

The Buenos Aires food tour was spectacular! The tour was an excellent way to immerse myself in the culture of this vibrant city while sampling some of the most delicious traditional Argentine dishes. Their empanadas and steaks are must-haves.

Our guide, Joaquín, took us through the city’s diverse neighborhoods, sharing fascinating stories about its rich history and cultural significance. The highlight of the tour for me was exploring the colorful La Boca neighborhood. I loved watching the locals dance tango in the center square!

Ben Cruz

Toronto, CA
Lawrence WilliamsPortland, OR
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"The Buenos Aires tour was so beautiful! 🙂 It was even more special to be there when Argentina won the World Cup. Thanks to Pete and Ray for a fantastic time!"

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