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Tulum Oasis Escape

By: Mattia Polibio (@mattiapolibio)

About The Tulum Oasis Escape

Embark on an 7-day group trip to Tulum, Mexico with Mattia. This trip is crafted to provide an immersive exploration of Tulum’s historical richness and natural beauty, paired with the comforts of premium accommodations.

This trip features an excursion to the famous Chichen Itza, one of the most significant remnants of the Mayan civilization. Here, you’ll experience the grandeur of ancient architecture of this UNESCO World Heritage site.

Additionally, this trip includes visits to the region’s natural wonders. Swim in the enchanting cenotes which offer a serene experience. These natural pools are not only beautiful, but also hold cultural importance in Mayan history.

Visiting Xcaret is a highlight of this trip. This eco-archaeological park is a unique experience, blending nature and cultural heritage. See local wildlife, explore underground rivers, and engage with the rich traditions of the Mexican Caribbean.

Your stay in Tulum will be at a premium hotel, offering plenty of comfort throughout this trip. 

This trip is a chance to connect with Mattia and other like-minded travelers, delving into the historical and natural beauty of Mexico and creating many memories together. With limited availability, we invite you to secure your spot on this opportunity. 




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