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The Pearl of the Bajío

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The Spanish Aqueduct highlighting this colonial treasure

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Why Queretaro

Queretaro offers a rich mix of history, culture, and natural beauty. Located just a short drive from Mexico City, Queretaro is home to a wealth of fascinating historical and architectural sites, as well as stunning scenery. Plus, you have to sample the local cuisine. 

One of the most popular attractions in Queretaro is the aqueduct, which was built in the 18th century to bring water to the city from nearby springs. Today, the aqueduct is one of Queretaro’s most distinctive landmarks, and it’s well worth taking a walk along its length to admire the views. For history buffs, there’s also an excellent selection of museums to explore, including the Museum of Victims of the Cristero War and the Museo de Artes y Tradiciones Populares. And if you’re looking for a break from sightseeing, you can simply enjoy strolling around Queretaro’s picturesque colonial-style streets.

 Queretaro offers visitors a true taste of Mexican cuisine. Be sure to try dishes such as enchiladas mineras (miner’s enchiladas), carne en su jugo (meat in broth), and cecina (smoked beef). If you’re in town on a Wednesday or Sunday, don’t miss out on visiting one of Queretaro’s fresh food markets, where you can buy everything from locally grown fruits and vegetables to freshly made tortillas.

Whether you’re interested in exploring Mexico’s rich history or simply enjoying some delicious food, Queretaro is sure to have something for everyone. 



There’s a reason we are the top-rated travel agency for trips to Queretaro! We utilize our passion, years of experience, and familiarity with the local community to create the most well-planned & unique itineraries you could imagine. When you travel with us, you can rest easy knowing that all the details are handled by a team of experts who care.

8 hours

Traditional Cheese and Wine Tour

Queretaro, Queretaro

(From Queretaro). Experience the Bocanegra Cava de Quesos, Vinedos La Redonda and La Pena de Bernal vineyards. In each vineyard, pair your wine with matured cheeses and fruits. It’s a winning combination! 

9 hours

Tour to the Sierra Gorda

Queretaro, Queretaro

Stop at Mirador Cuatro Palos. From there, take a 30 minute hike to reach the highest point of the Sierra Gorda Queretana. The next stop will be at Heaven’s Door, one of the most requested photos. Following this stop, visit the town of Pinal de Amoles. Explanations of the mining town’s importance, its traditions and gastronomy will be discussed. 

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