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The Principality of Seven Valleys

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Why Andorra

Andorra is a tiny nation nestled in the Pyrenees Mountains between France and Spain. It’s a land of incredible beauty, with its soaring mountains, ancient forests, crystal clear lakes, and quaint villages. It makes for a great trip out of Barcelona. 

Adrenaline junkies can soar over the stunning landscape with a variety of different adventure activities like paragliding, rock climbing, horseback riding and white-water rafting. Even if you’re not looking for extreme activities there’s plenty to do – from hiking through mountain passes to visiting charming cities like Andorra la Vella.

Along your journey you’ll taste some of the most exquisite mountain cooking that blurs the line between French and Spanish flavors. You can also take in Andorran culture by exploring museums or viewing gorgeous Romanesque churches. Explore this precious gem at the heart of the Pyrenees!

There’s a reason we are the top-rated travel agency for trips to Andorra! We utilize our passion, years of experience, and familiarity with the local community to create the most well-planned & unique itineraries you could imagine. When you travel with us, you can rest easy knowing that all the details are handled by a team of experts who care.

12 hours

Spend 1 day in andorra

Andorra, Andorra

(From Barcelona). See some of the micro-nation’s most significant landmarks, such as Mirador del Roc del Quer and Sanctuario de Meritxell, with an experienced guide. While exploring, this guide provides history, cultural insights and traditions of this nation. 

12 hours

France, Andorra, Spain in One Day

Andorra, Andorra

(From Barcelona). Explore all of the must-see locations along the Spain, Andorra and France border, such as the medieval town Baga and the quaint town of Ax-Les Thermes. Transportation is provided. 

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