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Bali Wellness Retreat Women's Only

By Alicia Romijn - October 12 - 21 , 2024

About The Bali Wellness Retreat

Day 1: Arrival in Ubud

Morning: Arrival at our serene villa in Ubud. Afternoon: Unwind with a villa pilates session.
Evening: Participate in our opening ceremony and a welcome Balinese dinner.
Journaling Session: Introduction to wellness journaling and setting personal goals.

Day 2: Experiencing Ubud

Morning: Sunrise Barre class, focusing on alignment and breath.
Afternoon: Embark on a guided trek through the stunning Tegalalang Rice Terrace.
Evening: Wind down with a guided meditation session.
Workshop: Dive into self-love through personal storytelling, identifying moments of strength and compassion.

Day 3: Cultural and Healing Insights

Morning: Energize with a HIIT session at the villa.
Afternoon: Experience traditional Balinese healing with a visit to a local healer.
Evening: Enjoy leisure time for personal reflection or villa amenities.
Workshop: Tackle the inner critic and foster a positive self-image through discussion.

Day 4: Snorkeling Adventure

Morning: Focus on core strength with a morning Pilates session.
Day Trip: Discover the underwater world with a snorkeling adventure in Amed.
Evening: Reflect on the day’s discoveries with a sunset reflection session.
Workshop: Discuss emotional connectivity and the influence of personal values.

Day 5: Culinary and Culture

Morning: Start with a Barre class at the villa.
Afternoon: Learn the art of Balinese cooking at a local culinary school, followed by a group meal.
Evening: Experience the enchantment of a traditional Balinese dance performance.
Workshop: Embrace gratitude in our evening workshop.

Day 6: Community Service

Morning: Begin with a rejuvenating villa yoga session.
All Day: Participate in our “Give Back Day” at a local school/orphanage.
Evening: Reflect on the impact of the day’s service.
Journaling: Contemplate the power of empathy and its effects on relationships.

Day 7: Spiritual Rejuvenation

Morning: Kickstart with a villa HIIT workout.
Afternoon: Partake in a Balinese water blessing ceremony at Tirta Empul Temple.
Evening: Free time to enjoy as you wish.
Workshop: Engage in a “Letting Go” ceremony, an opportunity for emotional release.

Day 8: Harmonizing Body and Mind

Morning: Engage your core with a villa pilates class.
Afternoon: Experience deep healing at the Pyramids of Chi.
Evening: Savor a group dinner at the villa.
Workshop: Vision boarding and manifesting workshop to visualize and plan for future goals.

Day 9: Exploration and Adventure

Morning: Tone and strengthen with a Barre class at the villa.
Day Trip: Challenge yourself with a guided hike to Mount Batur.
Evening: Unwind with a post-hike yoga session.
Workshop: Celebrate self-love and acceptance in a special ceremony of affirmation exchange.

Day 10: Reflection

Morning: Last HIIT session at the villa to energize for the day.
Afternoon: Free time to explore Ubud’s temples and natural beauty.
Evening: Our closing ceremony focuses on sharing personal growth insights, followed by a farewell dinner.
Journaling: Final reflection session on integrating retreat lessons into daily life.


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